New IIISLA Logo Launch

Dear Patrons,

On this auspicious day of start of spring/New Year (Ugadi) and Navratras and as per the Shubh Mahurat we hereby are launching the new logo of IIISLA on this evening. The 3i denotes the growth of institute. S is inspired from the sign of electricity ⚡️ which supports the 3i at the base and imparting energy at the top of L & A (Loss Assessor). This source of energy is dedicated to the supreme source Suryadev ”🌞” L&A are joined and are having 2 ticks. The total becomes 4. Numerology Number 4 is associated with planet Rahu and indicates energetic, knowledgeable, clever, and confident individuals with leadership skills. They are good at keeping secrets, love creativity, and have a sharp memory. However, they can be rebellious and overconfident sometimes, leading to negative traits which one has to control. Number 8 (Total of IIISLA plus two ticks) shall control this. Shape of 8 is the sign of infinity and is the most suitable for professionals like us. The two ticks also are inspired from our National Flag unfurled high in the sky. The silver framing is inspired from the metal silver which is a cool metal and meant to cool and control the nerves. Lastly the slogan “Justified Logical Assessment” is self explanatory.

Ladies and Gentlemen, while presenting this new logo filled with freshness, the Center Council, IIISLA wishes to seek your suggestions for further improvements. This logo shall be in circulation for Nine Days (Navratras) and after that the final outcome shall be sent for Copyrights to be reserved by IIISLA. Please share your opinions. Bless us and the LOGO.

Thank you,