Initiative taken by IIISLA Council against the In house /Employee / Contract surveyors

Dear Friends,

IIISLA Council has been proactive in safe guarding the interest of the independent surveyors all along the different timelines irrespective of the members present in the council. Accordingly several initiatives have been taken by the council to weed out the members who are violating the regulations and also to take appropriate action against the in-house surveyor or the employee surveyor/ contract surveyor. As a part of the process we have called for the details of the members along with the membership status of their employment/ independent and issued notices to around 80 members who are working as in-house surveyors. We have called for confirmation from them after allowing them sufficient time and based on their replies their membership was kept on hold and abeyance.

We have been constantly seeking information from the chapters and units and also from the independent members regarding the details of the members who are violating the regulations and continuing to work as In house/ Employee Surveyors or working as Contract Surveyor.

We are sure that there might be more number of members than 80 but at the same time unless we have some confirmation or evidence against any such member we may not be able to take the necessary and appropriate action.

Rest assured that this Council will definitely take stringent steps to curtail the violations with regard to the in house surveyor/employee surveyor and Contract surveys with all your support and help coming from each and every corner of the country.

In view of the above we request you to furnish the details of any such violators you come across by a simple mail at outsourceclaims@iiisla.co.in under a copy to admin@iiisla.co.in to initiate necessary probe and take appropriate action by IIISLA.

Together we shall strive for IIISLA which is free from all such shortcomings.

With regards
Lalit Gupta
President- IIISLA


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