96. Every member of this institute shall abide by the code of ethics specified by the institute from time to time. Membership restricted to only independent Insurance Surveyors and Loss Assessors who is duly licensed and categorized
1. In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing the code of ethics shall include the following:

                 i. To exhibit the identity card and/or the license issued by the Authority while carrying out the job of survey and loss assessment and be physically fit to undertake rigorousness of the job.
                  ii. To conduct the survey job in a transparent, fair and objective manner free of personal interest or prejudices, and ensure that the professional and technical standards of competence are upheld.
                  iii. To endeavor continuous professional development by keeping abreast of the changes and advancement of
                   iv. knowledge by attending professional courses, trainings, workshops & seminars meant for the up-gradation of the required skills.
                   v. To uphold ethical behavior, professional reputation, credibility and refrain from making unsavory remarks comments or grievances in public or before the press without exhausting internal professional and legal avenues.
                   vi. To give due regard to the professional reputation of fellow members and not injure directly or indirectly the professional reputation or practice of other members.
                   vii. To bring to the knowledge of the council of the Institute if a member comes to know of any act of
                   viii. unethical, illegal or unfair practice of a fellow member.
                     ix. To ensure professional conduct at all times in a manner which will not prejudice professional status or the
                      x. reputation of the Institution.

2. No member shall canvas for the work by unfair means.
3. No member shall take the work of survey & loss assessment where he or his family members are interested through shareholding or employment or business dealings.
4. No member shall involve himself in outsourcing of claims related work or survey work and undertake a work of survey and loss assessor on contract basis in any manner.
5. No member shall attempt or agree to carry any work on reduced or lesser survey fee of the prescribed fee schedule.
6.No member shall allow use of his/her name and license number to any other person or lend his/her survey reports and other documents for direct or indirect use by the other person or to any other licensed surveyor whether for consideration or reward or for any other purpose.
7. No member shall write or express any statement, views or opinions or give publicity to anything, which may in any way diminish the esteem and professional prestige of the Institute. Any conduct of the member which is not in line with professionally acceptable norms or contains deliberate acts of disobedience, unlawful behavior, neglect of duty & malfeasance will include among other matters to be misconduct and violative of the code of ethics.
8. No member shall accept more than five interns as trainees at a time. The member imparting the training shall ensure that the trainees are on full time basis. During the period of training, the interns undergoing training shall not be permitted to work anywhere either on part-time or full time or on contract basis.
9. No member shall engage in any employment of any professional Insurers, business groups or trade organizations involved in Selling or Brokering of Insurance Products or shall represent the insured in negotiations for placing the insurance business. If, one desire to join with any Insurer Broker or Insured either on employment or retainer ship or on contract basis, the member will surrender his membership of the Institute immediately.
10. Publicity: In any publicity material used in advertisement, circular or other form of publicity, the member shall refrain from claiming any superiority in any respect over any or all other members unless such claim can be substantiated
11. Recruitment: No member shall either directly or indirectly make any approach to any person on the staff of another member with a view to make him move to his own firm.
12. Members are expected to adhere to the code of ethics strictly in letter and spirit. Any breach of the code of ethics will result in disciplinary action.

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